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Blue Hydrangeas Flowers view all hydrangea colors
Our blue hydrangeas are available Year Round!
FlowersGrowers offers premium Fresh Hydrangea from
award winning farms around the world. Enjoy the
beauty and freshness of beautiful Blue Hydrangea
Flowers ordered online and shipped directly to your
door! We recommend a Thursday delivery for a Weekend Wedding day.
Blue Fresh Hydrangeas

• 20 Blue hydrangeas

• 30
Blue hydrangeas
$119.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

• 60 Blue hydrangeas
$199.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

• 90 Blue hydrangeas
$289.00 + FREE SHIPPING!



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We will do our best to match the flower color that you choose. Throughout the blooming season, there are natural variations in color depending on the varieties in bloom at the time of your order. Hydrangeas are not varietal color specific such as roses and chrysanthemums. This has to do with the amount of the element Aluminum that the Hydrangea plant is able to absorb through their roots. The more Aluminum that the plant can get into its vascular system, changes the color of its blooms from pink to blue and all the colors in between. The shade of blue varies depending on Mother Nature. Sometimes the flower features blue petals as shown above, while at certain times of the year the petals are a lighter blue.

Wholesale Blue Hydrangea Flowers are shipped directly from our farms.
1. Fill 2 containers one with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water and the other with warm
2. Using sharp scissors or a knife under running water, cut the stems diagonally
approximately an inch from each stem’s bottom edge.
3. Immediately after cutting, place the stems in the prepared warm water for
approximately 5 seconds then place the flowers into the cool water.
4. Remove any dark or fading petals. It is normal to find several unattractive dark or
fading petals, all of which can be easily removed without damaging the Hydrangea.
5. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.
6. Allow your flowers at least 4 hours to properly hydrate (drink water) before arranging.
7. Change water and re-cut stems every 24-48 hours to keep flowers fresh. Assure that
your flowers have sufficient water. Hydrangeas will drink a lot of water.

To refresh the blue hydrangeas, dunk the entire flower head in cool water for a few minutes. Hydrangeas are also great for dried arrangements. To dry them, simply hang them upside down, preferably in a warm place for a few days. Hydrangeas may lose a little color in the process but the dried flowers will last for eight months or longer.

For your Wedding or Special Event, we recommend that you arrange to have your blue
Hydrangea flowers delivered 2 to 3 days before the actual event. For a Saturday wedding
your flowers should be delivered on the Wednesday or Thursday before the wedding.

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